Be an educational institution that gives comprehensive training of emotionally self-confident beings, developing their intellectual and physical skills, through an education based on love. The acquisition of values, habits and attitudes will be the fundamental tools that parents and teachers can offer our students to encourage them to embark on the road to success.


Educate with Love


Students with development of their intellectual, emotional and sporting capacities according to their evolutionary stage. Teachers permanently updated, committed and responsible for their educational work. Integrated educational community working with the same purpose. School with a sustainable and replicable, innovative, state-of-the-art educational model that considers changes as a source of constant restructuring in the state, organized with clear goals and permanently evaluated projects for students to contribute as responsible citizens to their state and country.

Institution Core Values

Love: Care and dedication to do my work and to treat others.

Responsibility: To assume the consequences of our actions, a result of the decisions we make.

Honesty: Ensure that each one is given what is fair as retribution for his dedication and commitment to the task entrusted, always speaking with the truth.

Respect: Recognize the freedom that a person has to act and think according to social morality.

Human Vision

Each of our students is an important part of the Henri Wallon family, one of our highest priorities is their integral formation in their academic sphere, their physical aspect, their character and the development of their emotional intelligence. The treatment between teachers, students and parents is characterized by the full knowledge of the other, impregnating each relationship with a treatment of being human.


The frame of coexistence that governs us is based on the humanistic postulates trying to make every disruptive behavior repaired. We constantly seek to reach the conscience of our students and teachers by emphasizing our values ​​of respect and responsibility. In addition, several programs are carried out involving work with parents so that human formation becomes a way of life.